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MaterCare International
MaterCare International is an association of medicine professionals of international nature that dedicates itself to the improvement of lives and health of the pregnant mothers all around the world, sepecially in developing countries..It follows this aim through new service, preparation and investigation initiatives, according to the directives stated in the Encyclinal Evangelium Vitae.

The initiate started in the course of a catholic gynecologists and obstretas congress that took place in Liverpool (England) in 1995 with the objective of dedicating itself to the care of mothers and babies from the moment of conception, being conscious of the fact that the Catholic Church has to help those who are most vulnerable.

The approved intentions include those of promoting the integrity of human life from the moment of conception respecting the Christian principles of family support, as well as counting with most modern facilities and resources to improve the health of mothers.

The high-priority tasks of MaterCare include the following:
  1. To develop an international organization of health professionals who develop iniciatives through the principles established by MaterCare.

  2. To progressively improve the development of gynecological field worldwide according to the ethical standards of health support.

  3. To compile information related to the high-priority objectives to evaluate, adapting them to the modern ones when necessary.

  4. To publish books, journalistic articles and other texts of formed professionals in which the contribution of MaterCare to maternal health is explained.

  5. To improve the perfection programs of obstetrics and gynecology, advisory services and development in new fields for new courses and work-shops.

  6. FIAMC canalizes good part of the international cooperation through MaterCare.

    With occasion of its 22nd World-wide Congres the FIAMC will promote the creation of a maternal-infantile clinic in Isiolo (200km north of Nairobi) in Kenya.
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FIAMC elects Spanish José María Simón as new world president of the organization

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