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22nd Congress of the FIAMC: 10 basic questions

1/ What is this congress of the FIAMC about?
It’s the 22nd congress ot the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC), an organization that gathers 40.000 doctors of 60 professional associations world-wide and that will take place in the Barcelona Conference Center (Montjuic) from the 11th till the 14th of May. The Congress meets every 4 years and returns to Spain after 32 years.

2/ What objectives does this edition aim for?
Under the generic title "The catholic doctors and the challenge of poverty in the era of globalization", the congress will be centered on the challenge that for a society as ours erraditacion of poverty represents. Besides the scientific and general sessions in the Congress, a series of symposiums and parallel workshops will be held, as well as a great sanitary and initiatives exposition to eradicate poverty.

3/ A part from the theoretic initiatives that will be presented, what practical utilities will it hold?
The congress offers companies and institutions, both of the sanitary scope and not, the possibility of collaborating with this global event that will have great repercussion. On the other hand, the congress wants to promote a concrete inicitiative to erradicate material and sanitary poverty in different parts of the world.

4/What repercussion does the congress expect to have?
The desire of the organizers is for the congress to be an ideal forum and interchange of knowledge and experiences; on the other hand, to expose all the important actions the chruch undertakes around all the world to help the most underpriviliged. In addition, the Congress wants to continue encouraging the commitment of the catholic sanitary professionals in the construction of a more just and fair world from its specific professional task. The organizing committee expects more than 1000 participants and an important international informative repercussion. The last congresses held in New York (1998), the special one in Rome (2000) and Seoul (2002) are experiences that make thinking of a similar success reasonable.

5/ What will be the basic issues treated in the sessions?
It will be divided in five parts: Firstly: Acces to health: the rights of the poorest, a problem of justice The second one: Distance learning in medicine: opportunities and risks. The third: The attiutde of international health bodies towards poor countries.The foruth: Catholic physicians and professionals of other religious traditions: respect for life and dignity of man. Ecumenical discourse. And finally: Physicians serving peace. Missionary medicine serving peace and evangelization.

6/ What other activities will take place?
An exposition of NGO and other institutions that work to erradicate poverty, with more than 40 initiatives; a cultural route that will be organized for the companions of the participants; parallel symposiums treating diverse issues and finally, the general assembly of FIAMC, with the presentation of the report of activities, the guide-line of the future actions to be carried out and the election of the new positions.

7/ What issues will the parallel symposiums treat?
There will be different syimposiums and workshops that will approach diverse issues: on infantile maternal attention in the Third World (Mater Care International); on natural regulation of the fertility (RENAFER), catholic psychologists (DIF Foundation); on holy doctors and symposium on doctors experts in holy causes; on sport Medicine (Arbol de la Vida Foundation) and a workshop on affective-sexual education and natural planning of the family (TEENSTAR).

8/ What other activities does FIAMC carry out a part from FIAMC?
The World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations is constituted by 60 national associations of catholic doctors worldwide. It is divided in 6 regions: Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand; Europe, North America and Latin America, and has the mission to achieve safeguard, defense and promotion of human life in diverse cultures, as well as favouuring the professional, human and spiritual improvement of its associates.

9/ What is the Christian Doctors of Catalonia Association?
Christian Doctors of Catalonia is an association of medicine professionals and has a 20-year background in Catalonia, that is a member of the European Catholic Medical Associations Federation, and that also represents Europe in FIAMC. The general Secretary of FIAMC asked the Christian Doctors of Catalonia Association to organize the World-wide Congress of 2006.

10/ How can I get more information?
More information is available on the following web-pages:
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