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1.- Dr.Tarrés. Beyond the doctor (Medical Association of Barcelona).

2. -The Holy Sheet of Turin, medical issues of the passion of christ (Spanish Center of Sindonolgy).

3.- Mined lives. The children of the anti person mines.

4.- Christian doctors of Catalonia.

5.- The little story of holy doctors (By Dr. J.M. Vilarrasa).

6.- Tsunami Relief in Asia (Asian Catholic Doctors Federation).

7.- Abortion Victims Association.

8.- Pro-life Exhibition Barcelona, Spain.

9.- Exhibition on telemedicine. Spanish Armed Forces.

10.- Dr. Marià Mullerat.

11.- The objectives of the millennium (Cáritas Internacionalis).

12.- The rubbish dumps in Argentina (Caracas).

13.- A project in Guatemala (Caritas).

14.- Médicus Mundi (Camerun).

15.- Domund.

16.- Combonian Missionaries: "Africa opens its doors to us".

17.- The human face of the Catholic Argentinian University.

18.- Holy Week of Tarragona.

19.- Franciscan missionaries of Sagrado Corazón.

20.- Freetown Diocese, Sierra Leona.

21.- Ramón Cuello: sculptor of Dr. Tarrés.

22.- Christians of Catalunya Federation.

23. Catalunya and Montserrat.

24.- Hospital in Bethlehem. Santo Sepulcro order of Jerusalem.

25.- Dr. Ernesto Cofiño.

26.- Dr. Eduardo Ortiz de Landázuri.

27.- Dr. Pedro Herrero.

28.- Proyecto Hombre (Life project).

29.- The hospitality of Lourdes.

30.- The doctor patient (Medical Association of Barcelona).

31.- Intervida.

32.- Epiphany Medical Missions.

33.- Polish pro-Life Exhibition.

34.- Expo pro-Life Peru.

35.- Bradopta – Brasil.

36.- Lumen Dei.

37.- Aid to the needed church.

38.- Anna Gasol. Oriental icons.

39.- Oscar Sanchís. Religious painting.

40.- Our little brothers.

41.- Mother Rafols. Life and work.

42. -The Camilo Fathers.

43.- San Juan de Dios.

44.- Caritas Cambodia.

45.- FIAMC in India.

46.- Healing the consequences of abortion. Emilia Ros.

47.- Harambee.

48.- Independent anti-AIDS committees.

49.- European Pro Life Doctors.

50.- San Egidio and AIDS.

51.- Pontifical Council for the Pastoral
Assistance to Health Care Workers.

Confirmed Exhibitions on 5/5/2006
Jose María Simón, Interview about his election as President of the FIAMC

FIAMC elects Spanish José María Simón as new world president of the organization

The Church is the main supplier of psycho-social and spiritual health of the planet