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Jose María Simón, Interview about his election as President of the FIAMC


FIAMC elects Spanish José María Simón as new world president of the organization. Simon (1963), doctor in medicine and surgery by the Universidad de Barcelona, is an ophthalmology specialist. He is member of the Spanish and French societies of ophthalmology and co-author of 10 international treaties on his professional speciality. During the last years he has been president of Metges Cristians de Catalunya. He is married and has got 3 children.

What does being named president of the FIAMC mean to you?
I accept the assignment with excitement. For me it’s like receiving a credit that I have to pay back during the next four years. I have to prove that my election has been, is and will be a good choice. I will work intensely on my position.

What will your task be?
My priorities are to coordinate all the work that the different catholic associations’ carry out world-wide; maintain the relations with the institutions and the church; manage the work with our office in the Vatican, as wells as the development of the collaboration projects with other institutions.

Doesn’t so much responsibility intimidate you?
No way. My function as president is to underline the relevant, to make means get to where they are needed and what is already working: not to ruin it. The main function of the doctor, as the ancient Greek already stated, is not to harm. That is why one of my tasks will consist in not spoiling what already works they way it should.

Ethics is a currently a very important issue and a priority for FIAMC.
So it is, and everyday more. Besides the progress and advances that we have experienced during the last few years, we cannot forget what is wrong. And, no matter how much is said about it, the medical collective cannot go against human life. It cannot stop respecting any human being, from birth to death and cannot use expressions, such as “voluntary interruption of pregnancy” or “death with dignity”, that disguise one of the most sordid realities that not everyone wants to hear. We cannot loose the values that have made of the medical collective one of the most respected by society. Even at present.

What goals do you set yourself? Where do you want to take the organization?
My mission is to achieve the goals set by the General Assembly. The approval of our work by the Holy See: I have the same objectives the Pope has. Although, during the time I will run FIAMC, my priority is to give visibility and act in favour of the mother figure.

Why is that?
It is necessary to work in favour of the role that mothers carry out in today’s society. That they have assistance, promote the correct human procreation, prevent AIDS. On the other hand, another side of my task is the ecumenical part. I pretend to work to achieve agreements with Lutherans, Anglicans, the Orthodox, etc.

Do your think that the fact of you being Spanish can contribute to a better popularity of FIAMC in Spain?
I do. FIAMC is a very popular organization world-wide, and we want it to be in Spain, too. At a national level, I want to promote actions so that the Federation is better known throughout the population.

How does one run an association that is represented in more then 60 countries?
I am going to manage 40.000 people, and that is not an easy thing to do. Thanks to the Internet, communications are now more agile and profitable. Besides technology, the directors of FIAMC organize periodic meetings in which we debate and set out our projects and work plans.

Jose María Simón, Interview about his election as President of the FIAMC

FIAMC elects Spanish José María Simón as new world president of the organization

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